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The BIM Advantage

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Using the software’s built-in visualization engine, photo realistic images can be quickly generated. More importantly, because these renderings are based on the working BIM model, these views serve as accurate depictions of the built project.

Building Envelope

The “body” of the building, the envelope is composed of basic elements such as walls, floors, windows and doors. Once in place within the model, design documents (in the form of plans, sections and elevations) can be generated. This is where the magic of BIM occurs. Because these design drawings are based on one model, they are always coordinated and always in sync – a major advantage during design and construction.

Structural Framing

When it comes to collaboration, BIM excels. And the collaboration between architecture and structure is essential. An engineer can work independently and simultaneously on a separate model containing just the  buildings structural elements (columns, beams, slabs, and foundations). During frequent model reconciliations, architects and engineers can seamlessly and accurately coordinate their efforts to create a project that not only looks great, but is structurally sound as well.

MEP Systems

Similar to the structure, BIM allows for the collaboration between architects and  mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection Engineers. Coordinating with MEP systems is a crucial step in ensuring all the modern conveniences we come to expect are well integrated within the building — without conflicting with architectural or structural components.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a 3D drawing methodology that allows us to thoroughly illustrate design concepts, details, dimensions and space plans. BIM helps us generate accurate digital models of our projects so clients can clearly visualize their buildings — before construction begins. Using BIM promotes coordination, reduces errors and strengthens the Architect-Owner-Contractor relationship.

Other advantages of BIM include:

• Clarity – 3 dimensional drawings clearly communicate our designs.
• Collaboration – All team members can see and work on the same model in real-time, simultaneously.
• Accuracy – Better quantities and takeoffs yield more accurate cost estimates.
• Clash Detection – Identifies potential clashes in construction – reducing Change Orders.
• Documentation – Detailed Facilities Management Documentation for your records.

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  • client feedback

    “I hired BC Architects to complete the interior build-out of our Salon Building . They were quick, creative and took charge of the project – even though they were not the Architect of Record.”

    Eric Nesse, Fisher Island Club

  • client feedback

    “BC Architects has been a tremendous asset to the team during the project…They used BIM…which helped locate trade conflicts before they even occurred.”

    Brian Sudduth, VP, Miller Construction Company

  • client feedback

    “BC Architects is one of the few Architectural firms that produces both quality designs and complete sets of construction documents and specifications that can be accurately priced and constructed with minimal changes or qualifications.”

    Daniel Whiteman, President, Coastal Construction Company

  • client feedback

    “BC Architects was hired to design our two newest automobile showrooms for our Hyundai and Kia dealerships. We had a very aggressive time schedule and BC Architects completed the designs as promised, within our budgets and schedules.

    Robert Bernstein,  CFO, Braman Motor Company

  • client feedback

    “I had the pleasure of working with BC Architects on the renovation and remodeling of the Fontainebleau Resort…I recommend them for any project. They get the job done – Professionally and Competently.”

    C.B. Hall, Senior VP, Turnberry Associates