Maintaining A Healthy Work-life Balance

Managing a proper balance between work and personal life can be hard for anyone, but it is especially hard for architects. Architecture is a very demanding career and requires a serious time commitment. This is something that most people would shy away from but is what architects must live with every day. Architects experience a taste of this time commitment first hand during their undergraduate careers, spending hours upon hours in their respective studios working on projects.

One may consider architecture to be more of a lifestyle rather than a career due to the number of hours an architect may spend in the office a week. However, by practicing effective time management skills and developing a healthy work culture, may enable you to spend more time at home rather than being stuck in the office. Here is how we create balance:

Rewarding Schedule

Time management is key to creating a better work environment and to allow for someone to have a greater amount of time for themselves. BC Architects provides a unique work schedule, working longer hours Monday through Thursdays and having alternating Fridays off. This scheduling makes it possible to plan long weekends with friends and family, work on personal projects, or just relax and unwind at home. BC Architects employees are more motivated to get tackle project tasks and major milestones earlier in the week to insure all tasks are completed on time.

Positive Attitude

Going to work with a positive attitude can also aid in attain a better work-life balance in one’s life. This lowers the chance of having a negative viewpoint on work in general and encourages productivity in the workplace. At BC Architects, we genuinely care about the well-being of each other. We’ve cultivated a collaborative environment and we encourage each other’s growth and development.

Group Activities

Another way to balance out the workplace is to create a fun environment where the team can come together during lunch or afterwork for activities such as happy hour dinners, game nights, or paint and hang events. BC Architects encourages these activities and more. We are a small firm and we take the time to get to know each other while including everyone’s families and loved ones in these activities. This strengthens our culture and our understanding of each other; As well as, encourages a healthier work ethic.

Staying Focused

Staying on top of work is the main factor in determining success in the workplace. By doing so, one is able to have more free time outside of the office and leads to having less stress. Being behind on work only limits how much and exactly what one does in the workplace and could possibly lead to working at home.
By implementing the healthy habits such as the ones listed, achieving a healthy balance between work and life seems very much possible for an Architect.