On Tuesday, January 22, 2019 Plantation Walk held its groundbreaking ceremony at 321 University Drive in Plantation, FL. The site was home to Plantation Fashion Mall until devastating damages caused by Hurricane Wilma forced the mall owners to shut its doors.

Specializing in distressed and opportunistic properties, developer Encore Capital Management, will now revamp and transform the site into a $350 million-dollar mixed-use destination in the heart of Broward County. Plantation Walk will encompass 200K sq. ft. of retail, 177k sq. ft. of office space, 700 luxury rental apartments and a renovated 263-room Sheraton hotel.

“Plantation Walk will fill a huge void that residents of the city have been dealing with for a long time,” Encore CEO Art Falcone said in a statement. “Many Plantation residents, and those who work in the city, have to go east in order to find better dining, shopping and entertainment options. We are about to change that.”

The architects of record, and South Florida native firm BC Architects explain that, “Plantation Walk will be an urban community that combines modern architecture with a practical pedestrian main street, which is intended to create a safe and relaxed environment for visitors and residents alike.” The retail portion of Plantation Walk will include fine-dining, causal eatery’s, stores, and entertainment. Creating a downtown – style destination, Plantation Walk is one of the most anticipated new developments in Broward County.

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